Socratic Math & Homework Help App Reviews

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Best app ever!

I was showed HW Genius by someone, and it made homework drastically easier. The results are to the point and what I was looking for, and is very simple and user friendly to use. I recommend it to ppl who have tons of hmwk and need to do it quickly, and also ppl with tons of questions for novel studies! Overall great app!

Good app

Pretty good app, it does what it says by looking for the answers to homework. It is much easier to use this then look online for the answers. Although it does not provide the answers to most my questions (French science


I got to say this app met my expectations Im looking forward as using this as a useful tool in my math and science classes

Awesome app

Easy to use and helped me understand so many things


So happy to be introduced to this application!

Awesome App!!

This app is awesome for students!!

Right on target!

This app is very easy to use and hassle free for the most part. It offered a variety of information but sometimes it didnt really give the most useful source for a certain topic or question. But it was still nice to be directed to some that were easily accessible and readable.

Love it

Its a awesome app because instead of asking"Mom what does docile mean?" For homework all I have to do is take a picture of my homework of type the question I highly recommend it for you or your children family or friends!!


Before I had found out about this app home work was a struggle,but now that I have this amazing app in my life homework is not a problem anymore!

This app is awesome

This app really help me with my homework... It just can understand my hand writing

Great, but need some bugs fixing

The app work greatly, except it freezes my iPhone 6s for ten minutes until it restart and work again.


I love this app so much and its so helpful!!!


This app is amazing and works on any subject!!!


Every student should download this app! Its great for hw and classwork and its exactly like a personal tutor! Only difference is that its a app

Im cheating hahahaha

My teacher dont care if Im useing this app hahahahah

Good app

The best app


This app is seriously amazing! I recommend it to all my friends... So helpful!!


All it does google your question I can do that tf!

Thank god

I thank god I came across this app because anatomy and physiology is a killer I would recommend this app to anyone for any subject

So easy

Socratic has been great for my chemistry work. We do a lot of test corrections and things, which I always find difficult since theres a reason I got the question wrong in the first place. The khan academy videos and similar resources it presents are great at explaining the topic rather that just handing you the answer. Love it!

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